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Sunday, August 1, 2021

Swimming brings energy to the mind and body, big diseases can also be overcome

Swimming is considered very beneficial for the body. Acting like a therapy, it makes the body as well as the mind very agile and sharp.

To keep the body fit, it is very important to accessorize on a regular basis and maintain body movement. In such a situation, people often choose heavy workouts which remain in the routine for only a few days and then disappear from the routine later. If you are looking for an easy and interesting way to accessorize, then go swimming right away. Swimming is considered extremely beneficial for the body. Acting like a therapy, it makes the body as well as the mind very sharp and energetic. Swimming alone works like a whole body exercise and protects the body from many major diseases. But during this time you also have to take many precautions, otherwise there is a risk of infection in the body. Let us know the benefits of swimming and the precautions related to the same.

Benefits of Swimming

1. Strength 
of muscles: Regular swimming makes muscles strong. Swimming requires 10 times more effort than any other exercise, due to which the muscles feel more stretched and the joints of the body are also strong. 

2. Improvement of the heart: 
Swimming generates movement throughout the body, which improves blood circulation. Due to better blood circulation, the heart works smoothly and at the same time the problems related to the heart also start reducing. 

3. Lose Weight
Swimming burns extra calories of the body, gets rid of the problem of dehydration and increases the amount of high density lipoprotein cholestrol required by the body. Also, it prevents the increase of bad cholestrol, which leads to weight loss. 

4. Reduce the risk of diabetes 
Swimming is like a therapy for those people who are suffering from the problem of diabetes type 1 and 2. Swimming maintains the level of blood pressure and cholestrol so that the sugar level does not fluctuate and diabetes remains under control. 

Precautions are also important 
- The chlorine level in the swimming pool water is 0.5ppm
- Check the water daily to avoid the risk of bacterial infection
- Swimming only under the supervision of a swimming trainer
Use a life jacket or tube if you are a beginner do

Avoid infection 
Swimming is considered beneficial, but during this time you spend more time in chlorinated water, it can prove to be very dangerous for many parts of the body. 

1. Eyes
Chlorinated water reduces the moisture content of the eyes, which can make you prone to itching, redness and conjunctivitis infection. Therefore, while swimming, swim only by wearing swimming goggles. 

2. Skin 
whose skin is very sensitive may get rashes, itching and irritation from pool water which can turn into infection later. Therefore, after swimming, apply moisturizer or coconut oil on the body.

3. Ears While
swimming, you may have to face problems like swelling, infection and pain in the ears due to chlorinated water. Therefore, before getting into the pool, make sure to use an ear plug or cap.

4. Hair
becomes very lifeless and dry due to the chlorinated water of the hair  pool. Therefore, before going to the pool, apply coconut or olive oil well in the hair.

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