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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

PCOD: Why the problem of PCOD is increasing rapidly in girls, know the reason, symptoms and methods of prevention!

There is a hormonal problem in which small lumps are formed in the egg. In this, the menstruation of girls becomes irregular, weight increases and sometimes there is a problem in conceiving.

Nowadays the problem of Polycystic Ovarian Disease is increasing rapidly. Earlier this problem was seen more in women of 30 to 35 years, but now the problem of PCOD has become common in girls of 18 to 20 years. This problem is also known as PCOS. PCOD is a hormonal problem which is a result of our bad lifestyle.

In this, small lumps are formed in the egg pot. Due to this, many types of hormonal problems start happening and with irregular menstruation, the weight increases significantly. PCOD promotes infertility, which makes it difficult for women to conceive. If you get pregnant, there is a risk of miscarriage. Know here about the causes, symptoms and ways to avoid this problem.

If you see these symptoms then be alert

- weight gain
- be Mahmari irregular
- acne and dandruff
- have pelvic pain
- get hair on the body or face

Risk from diabetes to cancer

If there is a problem of PCOD, there is a risk of diabetes to ovarian cancer. According to experts, during PCOD, the pancreas makes more insulin and this leads to the formation of cysts in the egg. Many times the pancreas gets tired and stops working while making more insulin. In such a situation, due to lack of insulin, the risk of diabetes increases. Lumps in the egg increase the risk of infertility problem, as well as it also increases the risk of ovarian cancer to some extent.

What to do

Do not ignore the symptoms and consult a specialist immediately. If PCOD is suspected, the specialist will advise you for sonography. If needed, blood tests and some hormonal tests can also be done. On the basis of the report, PCOD is confirmed and treatment is started.

long lasting treatment

PCOD is a hormonal problem, so its treatment also goes on for a long time. For this, experts give hormonal treatment of at least 12 to 18 months. After a short interval, you may have to take treatment again because it is a lifestyle disease. It can be controlled only by changing lifestyle. It is difficult to fix it completely. During hormonal treatment, the patient may have problems like weight gain, gas, acidity.

what to do to protect

For this, avoid high cholesterol, high fat and high carbohydrate diets. Do regular exercise and take medicines on time. Stay away from alcohol and smoking. The more you do physical activities and keep the weight under control, the more you will be able to control this problem.

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