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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Do not do these 5 things in front of your husband, otherwise the bonding may deteriorate

New Delhi: After marriage, there are often quarrels between husband and wife and this is nothing new. But by showing a little understanding, this domestic quarrel can be avoided, for this the girl will have to act with restraint and the husband will also have to be ready to help her in everything.

There are some common issues which become the reason for quarrel between every husband and wife. Today we are going to tell about some such antics, taking care of which any girl can live peacefully with her husband without quarreling in her in-laws' house. These are some such things about which speaking to the husband can be harmful for the wife.

Avoid maiden praise

When a girl leaves her father's house and comes to her in-laws' house, she is bound to remember her maternal home. Because of this, the wife often praises her maternal uncle in front of her husband. By doing this, sometimes you compare her with her in-laws and it can also bring a sense of humiliation to the husband's house. This thing can be bad for not only the husband but also the mother-in-law. By not doing this, any dispute in the in-laws' house can be avoided.

husband's parents evil

Many times in homes, the daughter-in-law, knowingly or unknowingly, does evil to her husband-in-law. Doing this can make any son feel bad. If the wife has any complaint with her mother-in-law, then she should sit and try to solve it. Even if the son does evil to his parents, do not support him because he may feel bad for the wife to do so. This can sour the relationship between both of you.

Husband's family complaint

Everyone loves his family and siblings very much and does not want to hear any complaint about them. In such a situation, the wife should not harm her siblings with her partner and should never compare them with her siblings. By doing this sometimes you can annoy your husband. 

Comparing husband to others

We look at the people around us and sometimes accept their good things. But the wife should never compare her husband with other men living in the neighbourhood. While doing this, you can try to humiliate the husband and he will not like this thing at all. In such a situation, if you have any complaint with your husband, then try to solve it at your level and do not make the mistake of comparing yourself to someone else.

avoid high demand

Every girl wishes to dress well and eat well, as well as have a better life. It is not necessary that every wish of yours should be fulfilled in the in-laws' house, so before making expensive demands from the husband, keep his financial condition and the condition of the house in mind. In adverse circumstances, if you make expensive demands from the husband, then this step can weaken the relationship of both of you.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general beliefs. Before adopting it, definitely take medical advice. does not endorse these prescriptions.)

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