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Friday, August 13, 2021

Know why monkeys wash their hands and feet in urine check here interesting facts of this

Be it human or animal, everyone is knowledgeable about their basic tasks. 
Just like humans go to the washroom to urinate, animals also have different rules for this. You must have noticed that the animals around you have different rules for urinating. But, there are some monkeys who wash their hands in urine many times while urinating and apply it on their body. You must also be thinking that why do monkeys do this…

There is also a special reason behind the monkey doing this, because they do not do it every time. Monkeys do this at a particular time. In such a situation, we know why monkeys do this and what is the reason behind them doing this, about which very few people know.

What do monkeys do with urine?

By the way, like other animals, monkeys also urinate normally. But, many times monkeys urinate on their hands and feet. After wetting their hands in urine, these monkeys apply it on their body and they do this because they want their body to smell of urine. You must also be thinking that what will they get by doing this, because of which they do this. Well this reason is the most special…

Why do you do this?

Actually, every human or animal, everyone tries to impress his opposite gender. The style of animals is different and in this also every animal romances in a different way. Also, when they are excited about fertility or sex, they use different methods. In such a situation, monkeys do this work to please the female monkey.

According to a report in BBC Earth, whenever monkeys are excited for sex, they do so. By doing this female monkeys are attracted towards them and even when the monkey feels that the female is being attracted towards them, they do this again and again and many reports have revealed that it also has a lot of effect. . In a research, it has been found that male monkeys apply urine on their own body to indicate their availability and attraction towards females. Let us tell you that this habit is mostly in Capuchin monkey.

In a report published in the American Journal of Primatology, Dr Kimberly Phillips says that some species like monkeys also urinate in the palm and rub it vigorously on different parts of the feet and body. It is said that due to this, the female monkey gets chemical information about the sexual states of the male monkey. This brings both of them closer to each other.

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