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Friday, August 13, 2021

This is the world's second largest forest, whose specialty you will be surprised to know

There are huge forests on our land, where there are thousands of trees and plants and thousands of types of creatures live. 
One such dense forest is in the middle of the continent of Africa. This forest associated with the country of Congo is the second largest forest in the world. It always rains in this forest, that is why it is called Congo Rain Forest.

Congo's forest is called 'rainforest' because it rains most of the time and it is plentiful. It is said that there are many parts of this forest, where even humans have not been able to reach till date. Even the people living in the forest would not have been able to roam the whole forest.

This forest is a world heritage

In these dense parts, only one percent of the sunlight reaches the ground. You will be surprised to know that there are not one or two but five national parks in this forest, which have got the status of World Heritage by the United Nations.

A lot of this dense forest is such, where humans have not yet reached. Even the people living in this forest have not been able to reach a very large part. More than 11 thousand types of trees and plants are present in this forest. Of these, there are a thousand such that grow only in this forest.

Just as the Amazon River originates between the Amazon forests, in the same way, the Congo River originates from the middle of this forest, which is about 4700 kilometers in length. It is the second longest river in Africa and the deepest river in the world. It passes through many countries like Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, Tanzania and Zambia. Such dangerous creatures live here that even if a person accidentally reaches the dense forests, then it is almost impossible for him to come back.

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