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Friday, August 6, 2021

Drink coriander water every morning, these 5 benefits will be for health

Coriander Water Benefits: You must have been tasting the taste of coriander powder and coriander leaves through all kinds of vegetables. But coriander water also brings many benefits to health.

Coriander Water Benefits: Powder of Coriander is one such ingredient of Indian kitchen which is used in most things. So the coriander leaves also have a special place for garnishing. But let us tell that the water of coriander also does the work of providing many benefits to health with great ease. Today we tell you about the benefits of drinking Coriander water. Along with this, they also tell how coriander water is prepared, let us know.

Prepare coriander water like this

To make coriander water, wash a spoonful of whole coriander ie coriander seeds. Then soak them in a cup of drinking water for overnight. Strain this water in the morning and consume it. It can be more beneficial if you consume it on an empty stomach. After filtering the water, if you want, instead of throwing these seeds of coriander, you can dry it and make a powder and use it in making vegetables.

Benefits of drinking coriander water

immunity gets stronger

Consuming coriander water strengthens immunity. Anti-oxidants present in this water help in reducing free radicals in the body. Due to which the risk of getting sick is less.

maintains digestion

Coriander water also plays a special role in keeping your digestive system healthy. It helps in removing digestive problems, due to which the digestive system works better.

detoxes the body

Coriander water helps in detoxifying the body. By drinking this, the toxins come out from the body. Due to this the risk of infection is reduced.

strengthens hair

Drinking coriander water strengthens the hair, due to which their breakage is less. Vitamin-K, C and A are found in abundance in coriander seeds. Which helps in making the hair strong.

Removes blemishes from face

Consuming coriander water gradually fades away the spots on the face. Coriander has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Which help in making the skin clear and glowing. 

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