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Friday, July 23, 2021

Worried about dizziness during pregnancy? Learn how to prevent it


Dizziness In Pregnancy: During pregnancy, women have to deal with many such problems which they do not have control over. One of these problems is frequent dizziness.

Dizziness In Pregnancy: Pregnancy is one of the special moments of her life for any woman. But it is also true that the nine months of pregnancy also bring many challenges for every woman. The changes happening in the body do not only affect physically, it also has a mental effect. One of these is Dizziness. This is a common problem of pregnancy which can be very troublesome for any pregnant woman. If a little care is taken in this, then a big accident can happen and can harm the unborn child.

Do so in early pregnancy affair Helthlain

According to this, when a woman is pregnant, there is a rapid change in the hormonal level to increase the blood flow in the body, so that the growth of the unborn child can be rapid. Due to which many times women feel low blood pressure. Apart from this, due to hyperemesis gravidarim and ectopic pregnancy, pregnant women can also feel dizzy.

Dizziness in the second and third trimester

After the first three months, the unborn baby starts increasing in size and the pressure on the uterus and surrounding nerves starts increasing. Because of this, many times there is a complaint of dizziness. Apart from this, dizziness in pregnancy also occurs due to gestational diabetes, anemia and lack of water in the body.

How to manage

- If dizziness comes at this time, first of all open the windows and doors so that fresh air can come in the room.

Sit down slowly and keep the head between the knees.

Do not get up suddenly at this time. If possible, lie down on your left side. This will improve the blood flow to the brain and you will feel better.

To increase energy, you can eat a light snack or fruit.

do these things in pregnancy, take care

not to stand or sit for a long time. After sometime get up from the seat and walk so that the blood circulation in the body will be fine and there will be no dizziness.

Never get up with a jolt. By doing this the head can spin.

Keep eating bananas or any snacks in some time. This will keep the blood sugar level right.

Do not take bath with hot water. You may feel a problem.

Wear loose clothes only, so that the flow of blood in the body is fine.

Drink enough water, juice, coconut water etc.

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