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Friday, July 23, 2021

Urinary Tract Infections: Why UTI happens again and again, know the causes and prevention


UTI Problem: Women are most troubled by the problem of UTI. UTI causes severe burning and many problems.

Urinary Tract Infection: Urinary tract infection ie UTI is a common disease occurring in women. In this problem, the germs infect the urinary system. Due to which it affects the kidney, bladder and the tubes connecting them. UTI is such a disease in which the infection can reach your kidneys as well. If you do not treat UTI on time, then the infection can spread from the bladder to the kidney. This bacteria can damage kidney function. If you have kidney related problems, then the risk of kidney failure in UTI infection also increases. As the UTI infection progresses, it can spread to other parts of the body as well. Know what are the causes, symptoms and prevention of UTI. 

How UTI is caused
1- UTI is caused by E-coli bacteria.
2- This bacteria reaches the bladder through the toilet.
3- Women are more prone to UTI than men.
4- This infection is more in sexually active women.
5- Many times this infection is caused by drinking less water and many times by taking a bath.
6- By stopping the toilet for a long time or even if there is a stone in the kidney, infection occurs.

Symptoms of
UTI Bladder infection occurs in UTI. Which can be detected by urine test. These symptoms are seen when there is a UTI.
1- Burning in urination
2- Frequent use of toilet
3- Pain in lower abdomen
4- Bad smell in toilet
5- Severe pain in lower back
6- Fever
7- Chills 
8- Vomiting

Treatment of UTI
Many times, UTI is cured even without medicines, whereas it is cured with antibiotics when the infection progresses. Doctors recommend drinking plenty of water in case of UTI. Fluids flush out bacteria from the bladder. However, if the condition is serious, hospitalization is also required. Patients with diabetes are at higher risk of UTI. Diabetes weakens immunity. High blood sugar works to increase bacteria by spreading in the urine. When the blood sugar increases, the bladder is not able to empty completely. Due to which there is a risk of getting UTI. 

How to prevent
UTI 1- Drink plenty of water to avoid getting UTI.
2- Do toilet before and after making physical relation.
3- Clean your private parts thoroughly.
4- Do not use any kind of hygiene spray.
5- Reduce the use of bath tub in bath.
6- The toilet should not be stopped for a long time.
7- Pregnant women should contact the doctor immediately if they have UTI.
8- Elderly and diabetic patients should also not be careless if they have UTI. 

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