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Friday, July 23, 2021

Experts said, if you do this work, then the third wave of Corona will not harm the children


Health experts say that children have been imprisoned in homes for more than a year, due to the atmosphere of illness in families, loss of employment, expenses on treatment etc. Which has also had an impact on the mental health of the children as well. At the same time, physical health has been affected due to outdoor activities and school closure.

New Delhi. The first and second wave of corona have affected adults as well as children. However, apart from being hit by corona, children's health has also suffered a lot due to staying in homes to protect against corona. This has had a serious impact not only on the mental but also physical health of the children. However, health experts say that if you take care of some big things, then children can be protected from these problems along with the third wave of corona.

In the third wave, there are many questions in the minds of parents regarding the children being affected by Covid. In such a situation, Dr. Praveen Kumar, Director of the Department of Pediatrics, Lady Hardinge Medical College, says that the epidemic has had a serious impact on the mental and physical health of children. Children have been imprisoned in their homes for more than a year, due to the atmosphere of illness in the families, loss of employment, expenses on treatment etc., the tension has increased in the families. Which has had an impact on the mental health of the children as well. Children can display their stress through behavior, in this context the behavior of all children is different from each other. Some children become very calm even when they are stressed, while some children become hyperactive or angry. In such a situation, it is necessary that the person taking care of the children should listen to them patiently and understand their feelings.

Dr. says try to recognize the symptoms of stress in young children, which can be extreme anxiety or sadness, sleeping too much, unhealthy eating, lack of focus and concentration, etc. The family should cooperate with the children to overcome the stress. The role of the family in this context is considered important to understand the feelings of the child before reacting to any kind of behaviour.

Big, do your social interaction less spend time with children

Dr. Praveen says that as we all know that Covid is a new virus which has the ability to mutate. One can only speculate on how severely the future Covid waves will or will not affect children. It is estimated by experts that the third wave will affect children, but if a large number of adults get the Covid vaccine in the next few months, then the serious risk of infection can be reduced. While we do not currently have any certified vaccine available for children.

Although we do not yet know what kind of change will happen in the virus in the future and how it will affect children, despite this we have to protect children from infection. For this, the elders will have to follow Covid-compliant behavior even while at home, and reduce their social interaction. In this way, the infection of Covid in children can be reduced. Along with this, all adults must take the Covid vaccine to protect themselves from infection, this can also reduce the chances of infection in children to a great extent, and now for pregnant and lactating women If the Covid vaccine is available, it will provide enough antibodies to protect the fetus and newborn from infection.

In the second wave, 12 percent were patients who were less than 20 years old.

Dr. Kumar says that the second wave has affected children equally as well as adults. Covid 19 is a new virus and it has affected people of all ages, as our body did not have enough immunity to fight against this virus. According to the dashboard of NCDC and IDSP, 12 percent of all Covid patients were patients whose age was less than 20 years. At the same time, according to a recent survey, the same seropositive rate was seen in children and adults. Because the second wave affected a lot of people, the number of children getting infected in the second wave was also seen more than the first wave, but the death of children due to infection was less than that of adults, death due to infection only It happened to those children who had other diseases simultaneously.

Challenge in the treatment of children in the second wave

They say that due to the increase in the number of beds for Covid-infected children, they were able to treat positive children better. However, during the peak of the second wave of Covid, doctors faced many challenges, because at this time most of the staff nurses, senior doctors and resident doctors also started coming positive. In this situation of the second wave, even the referral patients had to face a lot of trouble in giving treatment.

Parents need to be careful

Cases of multisystem inflammatory syndrome have been reported in children under the age of 19, which has been described as a new syndrome. This syndrome was observed two to six weeks after the corona infected population became infected with Covid. The clinical symptoms of this syndrome are persistent fever along with narrowing of the respiratory tract, Kawasaki infection, etc. All such possible cases need to be admitted to the HDU (High Dependency Unit) and ICU (Intensive Care Unit) of the Territory Care Hospital. If the syndrome is recognized early then it can be treated. In such a situation, parents should be cautious about children with symptoms.

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