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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

This is the world's most expensive wood, you will be surprised know the 1 kg price

Some simple looking things in this world are sometimes so expensive it becomes difficult to believe their value. 
The reason for this is that these things are rare. Although sandalwood wood is considered expensive in itself, the price of which ranges from five to six thousand rupees per kg, but you will be surprised to know that there is such a wood in the world, which is many times more than the price of sandalwood. is more expensive. Even the biggest rich will definitely think 10 times before buying it.

The name of the wood we are talking about is African Blackwood. This wood is considered one of the most valuable materials on earth. If we talk about its price, then the price of one kilogram is more than 8 thousand pounds i.e. 7 lakh rupees. With the price of this wood, you can easily buy a very good luxury car.

Because of this it is rare

African blackwood trees are found in dry regions of Africa from Senegal east to Eritrea and north-eastern parts of South Africa. Their height is about 25-40 feet. They are mostly found only in dry places.

For your information, let us tell you that it takes 60 years for African blackwood to be properly prepared. But illegal smuggling of such expensive things is a big matter. Smugglers cut it prematurely in greed, which has made this tree very rare. According to reports, there is a lot of smuggling of African blackwood wood in countries like Kenya, Tanzania etc.

The wood of African blackwood is mostly used for making musical instruments such as clarinet, flute and guitar. Apart from this, strong and durable furniture is also made from this wood, but they are quite expensive. So expensive that buying them is not just a matter of common people.

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