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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

On this day 21st July 1947 tricolour, the National Flag was adopted by the Constituent Assembly, know the full story

July 21 is recorded as an important day in the history of India. 
This is the day when the tricolor was accepted as the national flag of the country. On this day, the Constituent Assembly accepted the tricolor as the national flag of the country and recognized it. In the 19th century, when India was under British rule, at that time many types of flags were being used by the rulers of different states of the country. But in the year 1857, when the freedom struggle broke out, it was considered that a common flag was needed for the country.

What was Star of India

The first flag which was designed based on British symbols was known as Star of India. The Star of India was a group of many flags which were proposed by the British rulers when they were ruling here. By the turn of the 20th century, during the tenure of Edward VII, a need was felt for a symbol that could represent the British-ruled India. Popular symbols that existed at that time included symbols of Lord Ganesha, Maa Kali and the like. But all these were rejected saying that they are based on a particular religion.

Bengal partition gave new direction

When the first partition of Bengal took place in 1905, a new Indian flag emerged, which was prepared with the aim of uniting the people of the country. This flag was known as Vande Mataram flag. It was launched during the Swadeshi movement against British rule. The flag had eight white lotuses and symbols representing the eight provinces. This flag was launched in Kolkata. It did not find any place in the media in any way nor was it mentioned in any newspaper. This flag was used during the annual session of the Indian National Congress.

When the flag was presented to Gandhiji

In 1921, during the session of the All India Congress Committee, a young man made a flag in Vijayawada and gave it to Gandhiji. It was made of two colors. Red and green color which represents the two major communities ie Hindu and Muslim. Gandhi suggested that it should have a white stripe to represent the rest of India's community and a running spinning wheel to indicate the progress of the nation.

how did the tricolor come

The year 1931 is the year which is said to be memorable in the history of the national flag. A resolution was passed to adopt the tricolor flag as the national flag of the country. This flag had prepared the foundation stone of the present tricolor. This flag was saffron, white and with Gandhiji's spinning wheel in the middle. After this, on 21 July 1947, the Constituent Assembly adopted this flag as the Indian national flag. After getting independence on 15 August 1947, there was only one change in it. Ashoka Chakra was shown in place of the spinning wheel in the tricolor.

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