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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Second Hand Stress: Whether you are facing the stress of others, know these signs

Many times the reason for our stress is not only us or our problems, but we start taking the stress of others. Know its signs...

Stress is a natural mental reaction that is felt during adverse and difficult situations. Taking excessive stress is bad for your mental health as well as body. In today's time, there is stress in everyone's life, but sometimes we also start taking stress of others. Yes, it is called Signs of Second Hand Stress .

In today's hectic life, it is a big deal to bear your stress. In such a situation, bearing someone else's stress on yourself can be harmful for you. There are some signs, by recognizing which you can find out whether you are taking the stress of others on yourself.

Secondhand stress signs (Signs of Second Hand Stress)
when you take your top stress of others, can see inside you indicated. As-

1. Not knowing the reason for stress
Many times we are under stress, but we do not understand its reason. You think a lot, but still you can not find any reason for the stress. So yes it could be a sign of second hand stress. This means that the cause of your stress is not you, but someone else's problem.

2. Unnecessary haste in work
This type of second hand stress is often more for working people. When your boss's stress starts coming on you. Your boss scolds you because of your own stress and after that you start rushing into work unnecessarily. Because you feel that the boss should not get angry even about the work. By doing this you take his stress on you.

3. Getting unnecessarily disappointed after meeting a person
When you start getting unnecessarily disappointed after meeting or near someone who always talks disappointingly. So understand that his stress and negative thoughts are also coming inside you and affecting your mental health. It would be right to keep a proper distance from such a person.

How to Manage Second Hand Stress
If you can explain to the person who is causing you stress, that would be much better. Because, this will improve your mental health as well as his mental health. But if you cannot do this, then make a proper distance from him. At the same time, if it is not possible to do both these things, then you should convince yourself that this is the stress of others, you should not let it weigh you down.

The information provided here is not a substitute for any medical advice. It is being given for the purpose of education only.

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