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Friday, July 30, 2021

Research reveals – consumption of millet reduces the risk of blood sugar and diabetes

Eating a millet diet can reduce the risk of diabetes. Published research has suggested to include millet in your daily diet.

Hyderabad: If people include millet in their diet, the risk of type 2 diabetes can be reduced and at the same time it helps in controlling the glucose level in the blood. In research, diabetic patients and people who have reached the threshold of diabetes (pre-diabetic) have been suggested to include millet in their diet. Along with this, it can also be made a part of the diet as a precautionary measure to avoid the disease of diabetes.

Millet proved to be suitable for diabetes and glucose level 

Research on millet and diabetes was led by the Smart Food Initiative of ICRISAT, which includes the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) in Hyderabad, the University of Reading, UK, and other institutions. ICRISAT issued a press release on Thursday about this. It was reported in the press release, 'Research in 11 countries has shown that the amount of glucose level in the blood of diabetic patients who consume millet in their daily diet is reduced by 12-15 percent and diabetic patients are diabetic. fall into the threshold (pre-diabetic) category. The research has been published in 'Frontiers in Nutrition'. Researchers reviewed 80 published research.

Eat as a precautionary measure to avoid diabetes

S Anita, lead author of the research and senior nutrition scientist at ICRISAT, said, "Nobody knows how much scientific research has been done to understand the effects of millet on diabetes. The benefits have often been disputed and the research published in scientific journals is well organized. The review has proved that millet helps in controlling the amount of glucose level, reducing the risk of diabetes.

The press release quoted NIN director Hemlata as saying that the health expenditure related to diabetes is US$ 7 million. There is no solution and it requires lifestyle changes and diet is an important part of it. According to the International Diabetes Association, the number of diabetes patients is increasing worldwide and India, China and America have the highest number of people suffering from diabetes.

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