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Friday, July 23, 2021

Javier claims: After 6 years, the existence of humans will end on earth

We are all curious about the future. 
If a Time Traveler tells us something about 6 years from now, it is natural for everyone to be curious to know. One person then claims that he himself is currently stuck with the year 2027 and the situation will be very scary in the future.

@unicosobreviviente the person presiding TikTok account name (Man Stuck in future) said that, one day, suddenly seems to fly in his sleep and opened her eyes it was already reached in 2027. The condition of the future is exactly the same as the present.

According to Javier, in the future mankind is almost extinct and humans are not being found. This guy is completely annoyed but the interesting thing is that his Tiktok account is running and he is uploading photos for his followers.

The person who arrived on February 13, 2027

This man named Javier is a resident of Valencia in Spain. He claims to be a Time Traveler and is currently in the year 2027. Referring to February 13, 2027, the man said he woke up in a hospital this day and no man was seen around him. Although the person says that he does not see any person's name in the future, but the Internet is working properly, because it is able to constantly upload to TikTok.

No human is visible from afar

According to this person, there is no sign of a future man, but the shops are open and have a collection of clothes. Xavier also shared pics on TikTok at the time and said he was trying to find here that a human could be seen. Not only that, he is also seeking the help of his Tiktok followers to help him return.

Users asked him if internet and electricity are present in the future? In his reply, this person said that there is definitely a special connection between the years 2021 and 2027, only then is it stuck in the future.

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