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Thursday, July 22, 2021

If you have seen these 10 things in your phone so that means your phone is hacked

The Pegasus controversy has once again brought to the fore the fears of mobile spy. 
Ordinary internet users need not fear spy tools like Pegasus, while there are other hacking and spy software and apps that users need to beware of. While some of these apps try to steal finance related information on your phone, some can steal photo gallery, calls, messages and much more information. These spy apps and tools hide inside your device and are not easily found. Let us tell you 10 such actions from which you can come to know about these spy tools and apps.

1- When the phone's battery is draining faster than usual: If your phone's battery is draining faster than usual, it is likely that your phone may have spy apps or spy tools. However, before checking these spy tools, check the apps running in the background of your phone. Many apps running in the background drain the battery. So first turn them off and then monitor.

2- Look For Apps You Didn't Download Identify Apps In Your Phone That You Haven't Downloaded, And yet it is present in your phone. Such apps can be downloaded to your phone by hackers. Delete such app immediately. 

3- When your phone slows down If your phone has become very slow, and is working intermittently, then you may have stealth malware running in the background of your phone.

4- Excessive use of mobile data If your data usage has suddenly increased or is being used more than usual. So it may be that spy apps or software in your phone are using your mobile data because they track your activities using the internet.

5- When your phone works strangely Is your smartphone acting strange? Apps crashing automatically or having trouble loading? Many sites look different than usual? This is a sign that the spy app is working on your phone.

6- Weird pop-ups everywhere If you are noticing that a lot of pop-ups are appearing on your screen, it could be due to adware. This is a type of software that fills your device with ads. Never click on such links.

7- Such photos and videos that you have never taken if you have photos and videos in your photo gallery that have never been taken by yourself. So be careful, as this is a sign that someone may be in control of your camera.

8- Flash Lighting On When you are not using your phone, even when you are not using your phone, the flash lighting remains on, this is another sign. It could be that someone is completely controlling your device.

9- Your phone gets hot Prolonged use can cause the phone to heat up, such as while gaming for hours or running navigation apps, etc. However, if your phone is getting very hot even when not in use, then there is a good chance that hackers are doing their job.

10- View the log of messages or calls that you have not made, if you are seeing some information in your call or message log, which you have not sent to anyone. So this can be a sign that hackers are using your phone.

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