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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Bathing in swimming pool can be dangerous for your health, know these things

You would often take the help of swimming pool, water park and water tub spa to eliminate your fatigue, but have you ever thought that this water is harming you and the house of disease is being prepared in your body. 
You may have to face many diseases from this water. Know what is about the diseases caused by this water and about ways to avoid it,

Protect yourself from Recreational Water Illness

According to the doctor, Recreational Water Illness (RWI) i.e. water-borne diseases can be caused by coming in contact with dirty water, drinking dirty water or due to dangerous chemicals or germs present in the water.

RWI includes many types of infections such as - stomach diseases, diarrhea, skin, ear, eye and neurological infections. weakens.

Germs do not go by adding chlorine

Almost people believe that adding chlorine to the water kills all the germs present in the pool. While this is not the case, sometimes it takes time for chlorine to go into the water and eliminate the germs and in such a situation, you can get sick from swimming.

Do these things before learning in the pool

1- If you have had diarrhea recently, do not go to the swimming pool.

2- Before going to the swimming pool, definitely check the pH level of the water.

3- Take a shower before going to the pool.

4- If the amount of chlorine in the water is high, there may be a problem of hair fall, so use a swimming cap.

5- If you have burning sensation in the eyes after coming from the swimming pool, then consult a doctor immediately.

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