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Sunday, July 25, 2021

If stomach ache occurs during monsoon, then take care of some precautions with the right food


Immunity weakens during monsoon. Whether it is a change in the weather or a weak body, it is necessary that some precautions should be taken with the right food so that flu, cough, cold and other virus infections can be avoided.

Apart from providing relief from the heat, monsoon is also known for some concerns. The rainy season affects immunity and makes the body vulnerable to health problems and infections. One of these problems is stomach infection. It is often advised to avoid junk food in this season as the rainy season can make you sick. Some people can also fall prey to food poisoning. That's why experts recommend eating the right food in this season. It is also asked to take some precautions with him.  

do this

  • Foods including bananas, apples, tomatoes, berries contain Vitamin D and C which is good for boosting immunity. Therefore, eat healthy and home-prepared meals.
  • Your stomach can get affected due to drinking less water. It is hot outside during the day. So, make sure to have enough water to keep yourself hydrated. 
  • Probiotics like yogurt are considered very good for your stomach. Due to the presence of good bacteria, it can protect your stomach from possible infections.  
  • Consumption of protein and fiber is good for the stomach. Try to consume green vegetables, egg whites, legumes, cereals and pulses in this season.

don't do this

  • Raw foods are not considered ideal for your stomach as they can make you sick. Therefore, eat home food in the right way in this season. 
  • Keep in mind the timing of Kovid-19 more than the monsoon. Do not cook vegetables before washing them. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before use. 
  • Keeping yourself fit with exercise is very important as it helps your body to harden. Hence the risk of infection is less. 
  • It is very important to avoid excessive use of salt. Excess salt can lead to hypertension which is not a healthy sign for your body.

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