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Tuesday, July 20, 2021

How many days do antibodies persist in people who have defeated Corona, this thing came out in new research


A new research has claimed that antibodies are present for nine months in people who have defeated Corona. This has been revealed in research by researchers from the University of Padua and Imperial College London.  

Antibody levels are maintained for nine months in individuals infected with SARS-CoV-2. This has come to the fore in a new research. According to research, whether a person shows symptoms or not, if he has been infected with Kovid-19, then antibodies are present in his body for nine months. Researchers from the University of Padua in Italy and Imperial College London, UK have done this research together. The research involved 3000 people from the city of Italy infected with SARS-CoV-2. In these, antibodies were tested in February and March 2020. After this, in May and November, these people were again tested for antibodies. Antibodies are the immune system present in the body that do not allow the disease to flourish. 

In 98 percent of the people,
the results of antibody  research were shocking. Research found that 98.8 percent of those who had a Kovid infection had high antibody levels in November as well. The research also found that the levels of antibodies were similar in both those who were present with severe symptoms of Kovid and those who became Kovid positive without symptoms. The results of this research have been published in 'Nature Communication'. The researchers also analyzed how many more people got infected if one member of the household got infected. It was found that in one out of four cases, when one of the family members got infected, the other members were also infected.

Imperial College's Ilaria Dorigati, lead author of more antibody research on re-infection  , said, 'We did not find any evidence that antibody levels are different in people with or without symptoms. This indicates that the body's immune system does not depend on the severity of the symptoms or disease. However, the level of antibodies varied among people. The research found that the level of antibodies increased in some people, indicating that they may have been re-infected with the virus. University of Padua professor Enirco Lavejo said May's investigation showed that 3.5 percent of the city's population was infected. Many people did not even know that they had been infected with the corona virus because they did not have any symptoms. 

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