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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Health Tips: Why it is important to walk for 10 minutes after eating food, you will be surprised to know the benefits

Food is very important for a healthy lifestyle. 
We feel full after eating food. You can walk to feel lighter. We all know that laziness comes after eating food and you just feel like lying down. But lying down immediately after a meal can cause problems. Due to this, there may be a problem of heartburn and acidity. That's why it is very important to walk regularly.

Did you know that taking a walk after eating reduces the problem of heart disease? In one study, there was a study on 30,000 people, in which it was found that walking for half an hour daily can protect against heart diseases by 20 percent.

way of walking

The most important thing is to walk at a light pace after eating food. Avoid brisk walking or jogging after a meal as it can cause abdominal pain and bloating. In the beginning, walk at a light pace for 5 to 6 minutes. After a few days you can walk for 10 minutes. If you do not feel like going outside, then you can just walk inside the house. Walk from one room to another or in the balcony for 10 minutes.

benefits of walking

If you are feeling sluggish after a meal, then a walk is very important. Walking accelerates the digestion process, which can avoid flatulence and the problem of overeating. If you sit or lie down after having a meal, there may be a problem of acidity.

Going on a walk increases metabolism and burns calories. It also reduces the craving for sweet food after a meal. Apart from this, it works to increase blood circulation, due to which you feel less lethargic.

Sugar level rises after eating food, so diabetic patient is advised to walk for 10 minutes after eating food. Some studies have found that walking after a meal helps in controlling sugar levels.

right time

If walking is good for health, how long should we walk? Walking 10 minutes after every mile is enough. This means you walk 30 minutes a day. 10 minutes walk after food, lunch and dinner is enough. If you want, you can walk for 15 minutes, but walking more than this is not beneficial. Just walking for 10 minutes after having a meal can help you lose weight, strengthen digestion and get rid of stomach ache problems.

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