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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

careful! Pornography addiction damages physical and mental health


Addiction to pornography has harmful effects on health. This brings about a change in the behavior of the person. The superficial imagery of porn gives rise to a bad impression in the minds of people towards romance.

Over the past few decades, the penetration of the Internet has led to the rapid dissemination of web content. Among these, the spread of pornography has reached every section the fastest. But the truth is that pornography is blurring the distance between fantasy and reality. Its benefits are not known but its disadvantages are too much. Addiction to porn has a detrimental effect on relationships and also brings about sharp changes in the behavior of the person.

The superficial imagery of porn gives rise to a bad impression in the minds of people towards romance. This affects mental and physical health and can bring a person into depression. In addition to having a negative impact on life, pornography can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Know what are the negative effects of pornography addiction.

Disease of Erectile Dysfunction In  
many studies it has been proved that porn addiction increases the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. Repeated viewing of porn affects the erection, which is extremely fatal for masculinity. Porn addiction fills the mind with dirty thoughts that are seen in pornography. It is compared with reality while making a relationship which is often wrong and in this situation the person starts getting depressed. 

The threat of social isolation
Regularly watching porn creates the impression that it is the best thing. Then watching porn requires solitude. In such a situation, the mind does not go to other things and the result is that it is cut off from the society. Due to excessive addiction, people feel embarrassment in front of them. Due to this, he stops getting up and sitting with other people. Then the person starts living in anxiety and depression.

Involvement in rape and sexual violence
Porn is often linked to alcohol as well. But many research has revealed that people who watch porn more, there is an increased tendency to commit aggressive sexual violence. Such people may indulge in vicious violence like rape. 

It has often been seen that people who watch more porn , used to living in despair, feel hopeless. Such people remain trapped in employment, relationship and financial troubles. In this condition, the release of dopamine starts intensifying in the nerve cells of the body, due to which the pessimistic tendency starts increasing in the brain and the effect of optimistic feelings starts decreasing.  

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