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Saturday, July 31, 2021

After recovering from Covid, the problem of hair loss increases, doctors told the reason and remedy

Doctors suggested that after recovering from COVID-19, patients should eat nutritious diets along with natural food sources of vitamins and iron.

The number of people complaining of hair loss after recovering from Kovid-19 has become very high. Doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in Delhi have expressed concern over the matter. According to the spokesperson, normally 4-5 cases of hair fall complaints were registered in a week. But from mid-May, complaints started rising and a report suggests that the number of cases has doubled since then.

Why does post covid hair fall?

According to doctors, stress, nutritional deficiency and inflammation from Kovid-19 are some of the reasons behind the disease. Generally, a patient of Kovid-19 faces the problem of hair fall after a month of recovery. Doctors say that in some cases hair loss was observed even during the transition period. Nutritional deficiency due to change in eating habits, fever during infection, stress, anxiety, sudden changes in hormones, persistent inflammatory response after COVID-19 are some of the causes of temporary hair fall.

Dr Shaheen Nureyezdan, Senior Consultant, Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery at Indraprastha Hospital, said, “We have seen a doubling in the number of patients complaining of hair fall problems. Post-Covid inflammation has been a major contributor to this. Deficiency, sudden changes in weight, hormone imbalances and low vitamin D and B12 levels are some of the major reasons for the large number of hair fall post COVID-19.

Dr Kuldeep Singh, Senior Consultant, Cosmetology and Plastic Surgery said that the hair fall after Kovid-19 is temporary in nature and the reason for this is Telogen Effluvium. This is the result of shock to the body after suffering from fever and other symptoms during Kovid-19. He said that normally a person can lose up to 100 hairs daily, but this can increase to 300-400 daily due to Telogen Effluvium. 

how to reduce hair fall

Doctors suggest that after recovery from Kovid-19, a nutritious diet with natural food sources of vitamins and iron should be eaten. Iron deficiency can accelerate hair loss, while a protein-rich, balanced diet can reduce hair fall. If excessive hair loss persists even after eating a nutritious diet for five to six weeks, then a doctor should be visited. Hence, it is important to stay stress free, meditate, eat healthy food, take natural nutritional supplements, avoid chemicals for hair and stay away from following a sedentary lifestyle.

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