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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Why is coconut offered to gods and goddesses, know what is the belief!

During worship in Sanatan Dharma, all things are offered to God. 
Coconut has its own importance in it. In many rituals, worship is considered incomplete without coconut. It is believed that God accepts coconut and blesses the devotees with happiness. Apart from this, there is a practice of breaking coconut even while doing any new or auspicious work. But after all, why is coconut considered so important during religious functions, know about it.

There are many beliefs behind offering coconut fruit. It is said that Lord Vishnu had brought both the coconut tree and Kamadhenu along with Mother Lakshmi while incarnating on the earth, hence it is very dear to the Lord. Apart from this, some scholars are of the opinion that coconut is the only Kalpavriksha which is often mentioned in the scriptures. Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh reside in the Kalpavriksha. Therefore, the fruit of this tree is very dear to God and God is pleased by offering it. Some people consider the three eyes made on coconut as the three eyes of Shiva. Overall, the relation of coconut is seen with the deities, hence it is considered sacred and is offered to God.

That's why good work is done by breaking coconut.

Many types of traditions in Hinduism are going on from the mythological period. One of these traditions is also of human sacrifice. It is believed that in the olden days sadhaks used to offer male sacrifices to fulfill their sadhna and fulfill their wishes. Later this practice was stopped and coconut was sacrificed in place of male as coconut is considered a symbol of male. The butch above it is called the hair, its hard part is called the scalp and the water is called blood.

Vishwamitra had prepared coconut in the form of a human

It is also believed that the coconut was prepared by Vishwamitra in the form of a human. Once he got angry with Indra and started creating another heavenly world. After that his mind changed and he started creating another world. Then he created the coconut in human form. That is why two eyes and a mouth are made on the outside of the coconut shell.

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