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Thursday, June 3, 2021

The city of the world where you have to take a license even for begging, knowing the reason will break your heart

Millions of people in the world come under the category of rich. 
Such people have rich wealth and resources for their many generations. But on the other hand there are billions of people who are poor. Some of these are also such, for which one has to work hard even for two meals a day. There are many people who are forced to make a living by begging. You must have seen someone begging at the railway station, bus stand, temple, metro station, market or any other place in your city. Sometimes they give something or the other. But, you have hardly thought anything about such people. There is also a city where such people are allowed to beg only after getting a license.

This city is 'Eskilstuna' located in the European country Sweden. This city with a population of about one lakh lies to the west of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. A few years ago, the license fee was made mandatory for the beggars here. This rule means that if any person wants to beg people here, then they have to first get permission for this. They will get this permission only after paying a small fee. It has been implemented only in 2109.

Why was such a decision taken?

Under this rule, people have to spend 250 Swedish krona (Sweden's currency) in addition to giving a valid ID card for begging. In the media reports here, local leaders have been quoted as saying that they want to make the practice of begging difficult here. Apart from this, it will be easy for the authority here to know where and how many such people are in the city, who are in need of begging. It will be convenient to contact such people and provide them the necessary help.

What happened after the rule came into force?

The municipal councilor of Eskilstuna says that such problems are being deliberately included in the bureaucratic structure and made it difficult. Now it remains to be seen how it plays out. He said that a lot also depends on the police here. It has been claimed in the local newspapers here that after the implementation of this rule, people begging people are now moving towards doing some other small work. Some have even started selling berries.

Over the years, begging has been banned in various cities in Sweden. At least in certain areas of the cities here, begging is not allowed at all. There has also been criticism about such a rule, but the ruling leaders believe that such criticism is just a pretense.

What is the argument of the critics?

Those who stand against this rule say that the condition of some people who beg is very critical. Law and administration are the only pressure for such people, they are not ready to take their responsibility. They argue that some people are forced to beg because of the administrative and legal system here. The government has to understand the difference between beggars and needy people. Other ways will have to be found to help them.

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