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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Has WHO said that now there is no need for social distancing in Corona? this is the whole truth

The corona virus crisis still persists. 
There has been a crisis of Corona for about one and a half years and a lot of research has been done on it. In this, the use of masks and social distancing has come to the fore in all the research. That is, masks and social distancing are its only defense. From the government to the doctors, everyone is advising that everyone needs to wear a mask and maintain social distancing. But, these days it is being claimed on social media that social distancing is not required in Corona.

In social media posts, corona is being claimed to be a seasonal virus, which does not require physical distance and isolation. Also, such posts are being shared by quoting the World Health Organization (WHO). In such a situation, know what is being shared on social media and what is its truth.

What is being claimed?

It is being claimed in the social media post, 'WHO has accepted its mistake. Taking a complete U-turn, it has been said that corona is a seasonal virus, it is a cough, cold, throat pain during the change of seasons, there is no need to panic. WHO now says that the corona patient neither needs to be isolated nor does the public need social distancing. It is not transmitted from one patient to another.

What is the truth?

If we talk about the truth of this fact, then this claim has been found to be false in the fact check investigation. The PIB Fact Check team investigated this claim and found it to be false. PIB found in fact check that the World Health Organization has not made any such statement. Kovid-19 is an infectious disease, in which social distancing and isolation are necessary. In such a situation, if you have come across such a post or such information has been shared on WhatsApp, then do not believe it. Also, follow the guidelines issued by the government regarding corona and if there is any problem, get a test done and consult a doctor.

What to do if you have symptoms of corona?

Whenever you face a crisis related to corona virus, isolate yourself immediately. After isolating yourself, contact the doctor and take medicines only on the advice of the doctor and follow the rules given by the doctor. At the same time, even if any symptoms persist for a long time, consult a doctor immediately. Avoid them if you have any symptoms.

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