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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Who was she because of which women also started wearing pants

There is a ruckus in Tanzania these days. 
This ruckus started with a woman MP wearing pants. These MPs were fired. He was told that the next time he should come to Parliament wearing his pants neatly. Well apart from this ruckus, have you ever thought that since when and because of which women started the trend of wearing pants or trousers. French fashion designer Coco Chanel is credited with changing women's fashion. It is interesting that in today's era, Coco Chanel is remembered only for perfume.

The picture changed after the first world war

Today there is a ruckus in Tanzania for wearing trousers. In 1970, the Harrods store in London banned the entry of female customers who were wearing trousers. Even in the 20th century, on many occasions, wearing women's trousers was seen with a bad eye. After the First World War, Coco Chanel changed women's fashion. In 1920, French fashion designers made trousers for themselves, and thus the trend of pants began. During a trip to the French Coast, Coco Chanel was impressed by men's fashion.

Navy inspired the trouser for Chanel

Chanel kept the straight and trousers worn by Navy officers in each of her designs. Coco Chanel also started the trend of tie for women. It is said that Coco Schenel broke every fashion barrier where certain things were restricted to women.

Shanel was the man who revolutionized Western fashion. Her biggest success was the 'Little Black Dress' – a simple yet elegant black dress that is not at all typical for today. In the era when Shanail introduced it, it had become a symbol of the feminist movement.

pants worn because of chanelle

Women in the western world wore elaborate dresses in which they were imprisoned in tight corsets. Chanel of France freed her from this captivity and made men-like clothes for women. It is because of Shanelle that women wear pants today. Not just clothes, from shoes to handbags and jewellery, Chanel has changed everything. Her exclusive perfume Chanel No. 5 Even after several decades have passed, the part of the world's most famous perfume is making headlines. Don't know how many artists and designers were promoted by Shanel, their career was enriched.

Chanel left France and went to Switzerland

There was also a dark chapter in the life of Chanel, who brought such a big revolution in the fashion world. Many people in France believed that he sided with the Nazis during the Second World War. As popular as Chanel remained in France, she was also surrounded by controversies. For this reason, she left France and started living in Switzerland. And that is why it took five decades after his death for the first exhibition in his name to be held in Paris. Shanel was a perfectionist. From the quality of the fabric to the buttons, she took care of everything. The fashion collection she was working on was shown two weeks after her death.

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