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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Sleeping without clothes in the summer season causes so much damage, find out what experts say

Should I sleep without clothes or not? 
This question may be on your mind most of the time, many researches have found that people who sleep without clothes have many benefits. But what is the benefit of sleeping without clothes in the summer season. An expert has made a big revelation about it. He claims that sleeping without clothes can actually hurt you.

According to a report, Julius Patrick, a lead sleep physiologist at Bopa's Cromwell Hospital, said that going to bed without clothes can worsen your sleep quality.

"When you sleep without clothes on, sweat actually accumulates on the body and later on it stays on the body," says Julius Patrick. Which will cause troubles and make your sleep worse.

Poor sleeping quality can have a negative effect on your health. Not getting enough sleep deprives the brain of adequate rest, which can lead to stress and mental health problems. In addition, the effect of sleep deprivation can weaken your digestive system.

According to a report, the former neurologist and sleep physician Dr. You feel more warm when you go to bed. He advised people to sleep in clothes instead of sleeping without clothes.

Experts advise that you should wear a natural fabric like cotton when sleeping during the summer season. Wearing cotton clothes will not make your body sweat. Which will make you feel more cool.

Although experts recommend wearing clothes in the summer season, sleeping in clothes on normal days will be beneficial. Numerous researches and researches have claimed that sleeping without clothes or with less clothes can make your skin breathe openly. Which makes your skin beautiful. Sleeping with less clothing keeps your private parts healthier and safer.

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