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Friday, June 25, 2021

Vastu Shastra Tips: Place the idol of God in the temple of the house like this, you will get this benefit

Vastu Shastra Tips: We all have a house of worship where we install the idols of Gods and Goddesses. Most of the people are not aware about how to establish a temple in the house and without taking any information from any Acharya, Brahmin etc., they establish the temple. If the temple in the house is not according to Vastu, then it can become the cause of trouble in the house. According to the Acharyas, it is very important to know properly at which place the idols of deities are to be installed in the house. 

If the temple is in the wrong place, it can cause trouble and unrest in the house. Whenever the idol of Gods and Goddesses is installed in the house, then take special care that it should be installed at the right place. Let us tell you how to place idols and pictures of temples and deities, which will bring happiness and prosperity in the house- 

1. Lord Ganesha is always worshiped first. The idol of Lord Ganesha should always be kept on saffron or yellow colored clothes. This is very auspicious for the house. Apart from this, it is very auspicious if the Ganesha idol is in a dancing posture. 

2. If a child-like idol of Lord Krishna is kept in the temple of your house, then it is considered very auspicious for the house. If the idol of Radha Krishna is in the house in a jug-pair, then keep it in a standing posture.

3. Shivling should never be established in the temple of the house. Instead you can keep the picture of Shiva.

4. The idol of Lakshmi and Kuber, the goddess of wealth, should not be standing in the house. Keeping this idol sitting is considered auspicious for the house.

5. Keep an idol or picture of Lord Vishnu in the house for happiness. Also, establish Lakshmi ji with them.

6. In the house where the idol of Mother Janaki and Hanuman is established along with Lord Ram, then happiness and love resides there.

7. It is very important to take care of one thing in the temple that the idol or picture of God should never be kept directly on the ground. It is considered very inauspicious.

8. If there is an idol of Hanuman ji in the house, then he must have been seen lifting a mountain or displaying his power in it. This idol or picture is considered very auspicious.

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