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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Today is World Bicycle Day: There are many benefits to cycling 30 minutes a day

The bicycle is an integral part of our daily lives. 
Children learn to ride bicycles first. World Cycle Day will be celebrated tomorrow. UNO announced the day to promote it as a common, cheap, reliable, clean and environmentally friendly means of transportation. We all cycled in childhood but nowadays people prefer bikes, scooters and cars. The bicycle, the most powerful and inexpensive means of personal transport, is becoming an integral part of today's petrol-diesel price hike. Not only that, even conscious people have now turned to cycling.

Cycling for 30 minutes keeps the body healthy

Bicycles that protect health and the environment are beneficial for our health. Cycling events and competitions will be held tomorrow in many parts of the country to promote cycling. There are many benefits to cycling regularly. Cycling for 30 minutes every day keeps the body healthy. Not only that, there are many other types of health benefits. The body stays healthy even with increasing age. Get rid of many ailments. As the body becomes stronger, so does the nervous system.

Cycling reduces weight

Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. Diseases such as heart disease, brain stroke, cancer and diabetes are less likely to occur. Helps boost immunity, strengthens muscle tissue, benefits back and knee pain. As memory increases, more calorie-laden food is easily digested. Relieves acidity and constipation. Cycling in the morning provides fresh air and activates the immune cells.

A person's brain remains active

According to a research, the brain of a person who rides a bicycle for 30 minutes a day is more active than that of a normal person and his brain power also increases by 15 to 20 percent. Bicycles do not spread pollution so they are also environmentally friendly. Today's young generation has to turn to cycling in times of rush. Not only is cycling a daily necessity for fashion but also for health protection, children should also be encouraged to cycle.

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