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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Biggest revelation in report: Why Indians use condoms less, this reason is the biggest culprit

Half of India's population is under 24 years of age, while 65 per cent of them are under 35 years of age. 
It is imperative to think about the future of the youth to protect this youth. Reproductive health is also an important factor at such times. Condomology has recently been declared in India. This report analyzes consumer psychology and attitudes towards condoms. The report has been prepared by the Condom Alliance, thousands of companies and several groups.

80 percent of men have not used contraception with their final sexual partner

The purpose of this report is to improve the well-being of young people in India and dispel misconceptions about condom use. The report reveals how the number of unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortions and the increase in the number of STIs serve as a major barrier to continued growth and achievement of goals for young people. Citing figures from the National Family Health Survey, the report said that about 80 per cent of men between the ages of 20 and 24 did not use contraception with their final sexual partner. Which is a major threat to reproductive and sexual health.

Only 5.6 per cent people in India use condoms

According to the report, condom use in India is very low. Only 5.6 per cent of people in India use it. Social conditioning and social judgment about protected sex and contraceptive use are still hampered, the report says. In which the youth of India still could not come out. Only 7 percent of women and 27 percent of men have used condoms during premarital sex. While only 3 percent of women and 13 men have used condoms on a regular basis.

Consumption increased by 2 percent through government efforts

All these data are from NFHS-4 research conducted in 2014-15. Despite government-led campaigns to spread awareness about contraception, India's condom market has grown by just 2 per cent in the last few years, the report said. Global data highlight the cultural and social gap in sex and contraceptive relationships between Indian youth and Western youth. India ranks third in the world in terms of HIV.

The reason behind the low use of condoms is the narrow mindedness of the people

The report on the use of contraceptives in India says that the main reason behind the need for condoms, the right way to use them and how to buy them is the feeling of hesitation among the people. "Our country's current demographics demand open, honest and compelling communication around contraception," says Vithika Yadav, a member of the Condom Alliance and founder of Love Matters, India's leading digital sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy forum.

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