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Saturday, June 12, 2021

These 5 tests for women over 40 years of age very necessary

Women's physical health is more complex and sensitive than men's. 
Which is why he should take more care of his health. Due to the often increasing levels in the body, periods and increasing age, they may face more physical weakness and problems. Therefore, according to experts, women after the age of 40 should undergo some tests at regular intervals. So as to avoid any impending danger in time. Let us know which tests become very important for women after the age of 40, which also indicates dangerous diseases.

Which 5 tests are required for women

Breast cancer test

Breasts make the biggest difference in women's anatomy. Women of any age may be at risk for breast cancer, but this risk increases with increasing age. So if you are over 40, then don't forget to get a breast exam. You can have a physical examination at home every two to three weeks to do a breast examination. You can check for it by touching it to see if there is any lump in it. If you notice any lump, show it to the doctor immediately. Also Pap smear and mammogram test can be done once a year. Early detection of cancer greatly increases the likelihood of conviction.

Cholesterol test

Excessive cholesterol levels in the body can be a major cause of heart disease and stroke. However high cholesterol can be reduced by making some diet and lifestyle changes. But ignoring it can have dangerous consequences. Women over 40 should have their cholesterol checked once every 3-4 years. Your total cholesterol should be less than 200mg / dL.

Osteoporosis test

Osteoporosis is a disease in which your bones begin to weaken and the chances of fractures are greatly increased. Statistically, the disease affects women more than men. Of the 10 million American patients affected by osteoporosis, only 8 million are women, according to one website. The risk increases with age in women. You can have a DEXA scan to check it out. Looking at your bone health, the doctor can tell you how often you should have this test.

Blood pressure test

High blood pressure is a common problem with age. But as common as this is, it is just as serious. Failure to control high blood pressure can lead to heart attack and stroke. However it can be controlled by making medications and lifestyle changes. You should get your blood pressure checked periodically as per the doctor's advice. For this you can keep a blood pressure monitor at home.

Diabetes test

If your lifestyle is not healthy and you eat healthy, smoke or consume alcohol, you should get tested for diabetes. Although diabetes can happen to anyone, this thing increases its risk. Fasting diabetes tests should be done periodically. You can also have a random blood sugar test at home.

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