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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Poisonous snakes are cultivated in this village of China, know what is the secret behind it

The people of China eat bats, dogs also eat, everything is eaten here except the four-legged chair table. 
In the world, this country is already infamous for Korana Mahari. These are all the things about which the whole world knows. But do you know that the people of China also cultivate poisonous snakes. You must have been shocked to hear this.

Yes, you read it absolutely right, there is a village in China whose name is Zisiqiao. This village is known only for producing snakes. Here, more than one poisonous snakes like king cobra, viper and rattle snake are produced.

Know why they are cultivated

The recipe of snakes is definitely included in the food of China, but here these people produce snakes not to eat but to make medicine. You will be surprised to know that China only believes in traditional methods for its medical system. People here treat themselves with the help of trees and wild animals. The first mention of the treatment of skin diseases with snakes is found in 100 AD. Then in China, patients with severe skin problems were treated by making pulp of snake skin and applying it.

Increasingly due to skin diseases, snakes were also used in serious diseases such as cancer. Similarly, snake venom is given to a heart patient. It is believed that if the medicine prepared from snake is taken before drinking alcohol, then there is no effect of alcohol on the liver and the drinker remains healthy at all times. There is also a Chinese anecdote of making medicine from snake venom that once in the year 1918, when the Spanish flu spread here, during this time a medicine made from snake oil was claimed for the treatment of this disease.

The tradition of growing snakes in Jisiqiao village of China started in the year 1980, about 170 families here produce more than 3 million snakes annually. The people of this village produce snakes in the same way as a farmer grows crops in our fields.

Know how snakes breed

To produce snakes, the people here follow the breeding method of snakes, in which they breed snakes in the first season and then sell the snakes born. It is believed that snakes are sent through this village through big traders not only to every corner of China, but also America, Germany, Russia and South Korea.

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