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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Palmistry: If you have this line in your hand then you will get opportunities to travel abroad

All the good and bad events that happen in a person's life can be easily known through palmistry. 
If someone has good knowledge of palmistry, then he can know the past, present and future of a person. It is said that every line formed in the palm has its own significance. Each line of the palm has a different role in a person's life. According to astrology, there is also a line in the palm which is the line of travel.

This line can be found in different areas of the palm. Travel line is the rising line in the palm. In such a situation, while analyzing the change of this line, utmost care is required. Every change in this palm line has a different meaning related to the journey. The travel line starts from the base of the edge of the palm up or down. Sometimes it happens that this line crosses the life line. The shape, number and length of this travel line determines its position. This indicates the future, people who have a clear travel line in their hands are travel lovers. If this line is deep in the palm, then the person earns a lot of money abroad and sometimes he settles abroad.

If the travel line is clearly visible to the life line, then the person will explore other places willingly or unwillingly but he will not like them. On the other hand, if the travel line crosses the life line, then there is a possibility of the person becoming a victim of an accident. If the travel line is thicker than the life line, it indicates that the person will permanently settle in another country. If there are other small travel lines near the life line, then it indicates to the person to be health conscious. If the travel line is seen moving at the cross, then there is also a possibility of getting help while traveling.

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