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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Palmistry: If you also have these marks in your palm, then success will kiss your step

If a person has the knowledge of palmistry, then he can easily know the past, present and future of anyone. 
Along with this, the mole, wart and different lines on the palm and forehead present on the person's body are also able to tell about him. When luck favors a person, then that person touches the heights of success. It is often seen that many people are very lucky and with their hard work and strong luck, they get the biggest success. At the same time, there are some people who fail even after working hard. The situation becomes such that he starts getting disheartened and curses his luck. According to palmistry, Some people have some special lines and marks in their palm which are indicative of their happiness and prosperity. Such people are blessed with Raja Yoga by which that person spends his life with royal opulence. Such persons have no shortage of wealth and wealth.

such people rule

According to palmistry, a person who has a pylon, arrow, chariot, chakra or flag in the middle part of the palm, achieves great achievements in life and such a person gets an opportunity to rule.

Lakshmi is always with these people

If a person has the mark of chakra, lotus, conch shell and asana on the soles of his feet, then he gets lifelong happiness. Lakshmi always resides in the house of such people.

Those with such marks are rich

People who have a mole mark in the center of their palm are very wealthy and lucky. At the same time, if there is a mole on the soles of the feet, then the person gets respect and respect like a king.

such people will be successful

If the fate line of a person starts from the wrist and goes straight, clean and unbroken to Mount Shani i.e. middle finger and goes straight to Mount Shani, then that person gets all kinds of worldly happiness and fame.

Such persons are materially rich

According to Samudrik Shatra, the person whose chest is wide, nose long and navel deep, that person's life is like a king. He has no shortage of land and property.

get respect in society

If a person has similar marks like umbrella, fish, or veena on his hands or feet, then that person gets respect and respect in the society.

Note: The information given in the article is based on general information. UP Vartar News does not confirm its veracity.

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