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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Never make these mistakes while riding a bike in the rain, keep these things in mind

Rain of the season began to have it . Some things should be kept in mind while driving a two - wheeler in the rain . If you have these things to avoid when you do it to you to dangerous it could have . Today we you rain in some bikes to - Wheeler Riding the For some important tips to tell to you .


helmet of for without it ever even two - wheeler not walk to but the rain of the season in this part of the special attention put . Helmet for your safety and for necessary is again if you helmet wearing are so rain is in your eyes at the water 's Buden not be.

Finger wiper

rain in the bike run time finger wiper of use must be must . It helps to have rain in the helmets of glass to clean the living can do. You rain at times - once the bike also will not stop will .


a single season in Ovrspeed the bike to run dangerous is. Rain in the Ovrspeed in riding and more dangerous to the heart is , because this season the bike more slides is. Bike very fast speed to not run. Always alert to be , so all of a sudden become a situation in Bike to use the control to that.


While riding the bike in the rain, one should avoid applying brakes suddenly. If you have to apply brakes suddenly, then apply both (front and rear) brakes simultaneously. Try to use only the rear brake during normal braking. Use the front brake lightly along with the rear brake if it feels necessary. Do not brake on the turn.

Before that car to follow in

the tips on adopting you suddenly potholes or road to lay stone etc. to survive can do. Rain in the bike or scooter to run when you face on a car or auto to a certain distance to follow you can do . Before a car or Auto the rear center of the bike to keep . So do the you understand the will that the paths of the pit so the auto or car to the side stood out to you . It makes you driving when he very easily be .

Reasonable distance

rains in bike / two - wheelers run while other trains the proper distance into place . A single 4- wheeler in a sudden break out of capacity 2- wheeler with more significant is. Before running the car in a sudden brake takes on you hurt feeling may have .

The road to not go in the water filled the

rain the weather in often bike or scooter riders placed in the mood to go to the the road to get to the water filled it is . But so do many dangerous is . If the road to the water filled to the you know No shows is that the road to the crater called or where road rough rough is . It must not do that where water filled it , he rather flat as possible. Such a pit in caught you crash the victim to be able to .

Slippery by replacing the bike to straighten Remove

where you feel that the road extremely slippery filled is , where the bike out during handle direct Place and bikes the straight direction in the visit. The road to turn to the to speed extremely slow place and possible be so bike The straight forward to get going again turn to. The streets on bikes skid would have to crash to the full Ashank would have.


rain in the Vijibilti low is and you bike went to the then headlight on hold. So do the you bike run for help will be right there in front of the guests trains the drivers for your bike to use the watch will , which crash when the risk is quite low remains is.

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