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Sunday, June 6, 2021

Mumbai Local Update: Will common people also be allowed to travel in Mumbai local from Monday? Know what is the latest update

In view of the decreasing cases of corona in Maharashtra, the Uddhav Thackeray government has announced Unlock (Maharashtra Lockdown Unlcok Update) from Monday, ie June 7 According to a statement issued by the government lockdown in five stages from Maharashtra (Maharashtra Lockdown) will be removed. Like this scheme of the Uddhav government of Maharashtra, some special concessions will be given under each level. The BMC on Saturday issued new guidelines as per the five-pronged 'unlock' strategy of the Maharashtra government.

Amidst the start of Unlock in Maharashtra, the biggest question in the minds of Mumbaikars is about the local train (Mumbai Local Updates) . That's the question on everybody's mind why he commuter train (Mumbai Local News) will have a chance to travel back to when? The government has also talked about Mumbai local. According to the new decision of the government, there will be limited entry in local trains in Mumbai for the time being and it will be allowed only for those working in medical and essential services. 

According to BMC , the positivity rate in Mumbai is currently 5.3 percent. Because of this, Mumbai comes under the third level of the unlock guidelines of the state government. According to the rules made by BMC, Mumbai's local trains will not open for the general public yet. Movement in local trains has been restricted to medical emergency and essential services. 

Let us tell you that restrictions like lockdown were implemented in the state in April this year when the second wave of the epidemic intensified. Under the notification, each municipal area and district has been treated as a separate administrative unit. In the first category, essential and non-essential shops, malls, theatres, auditoriums, restaurants, private offices, public places, sports establishments, in cities and districts with 5 per cent infection rate and less than 25 per cent oxygen bed recruitment, will fully open at the stipulated time. . Film shootings, social and political gatherings can resume at such places. Manufacturing, agriculture and economic activities will be allowed.

No curfew or prohibitory orders will be in force and no e-pass will be required, unless the travel is for cities or districts that fall under category fifth (where the infection rate is more than 20 per cent and the oxygen bed capacity is 75 per cent). percentage is higher). At the same time, in the second category, cities and districts where the infection rate is five percent and patients on oxygen beds are 25 to 40 percent, essential and non-essential shops will be allowed to open as per regular schedule, but malls, theatres, multiplexes, auditoriums and Restaurants will function with 50 percent capacity.

Public places and private offices can be opened. Social and political gatherings will be allowed with 50 per cent capacity. Curfew orders will remain the same in these districts. Gyms, salons etc. can open with 50 percent capacity.

The relaxation of restrictions under the third category will be applicable in places where the infection rate is between five per cent and 10 per cent and the oxygen bed admission rate is more than 40 per cent. In such places, shops of essential services can remain open till 4 pm, while non-essential shops can remain open only till 4 pm on working days. Malls and multiplexes will remain closed and restaurants can open with 50 per cent capacity till 4 pm on weekdays. Along with this, the facility of food parcel, takeaway and home delivery will continue.

Travel in local trains will be allowed for medical and essential staff. Offices can operate with 50 percent staff. Film and TV shooting will be done in bio-bubble and there will be no outside activity after 5 pm. Only 50 people can attend the wedding ceremony at these places, while only 20 people can attend the funeral. Social and political gatherings can be held with 50 percent capacity.

The fourth category is for those places where the infection rate is 10 to 20 percent and oxygen bed recruitment is more than 60 percent, where essential shops will remain open till 4 pm. Only food parcels and takeaways will be allowed and only medical and other essential services personnel will be allowed to travel in local trains. Public places will remain open, but they will be closed on weekends. At the same time, in the fifth category, where the infection rate is more than 20 percent and more than 75 percent patients on oxygen beds, only essential shops will remain open till 4 pm and there will be 15 percent attendance in the office.

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