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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Married men drink 3 cloves in milk at this time, will get amazing benefits

New Delhi: You must have had milk with turmeric, cardamom till now, but have you ever consumed clove milk? Yes, clove milk is very beneficial for health. Its regular consumption gives amazing benefits, especially for men. 

Well-known Ayurveda doctor Abrar Multani says that although consuming milk and cloves separately benefits the body, but if you consume these two together then you can avoid many serious diseases. Fat and proteins present in milk activate male hormones. Therefore, by consuming milk with cloves, men feel refreshed.

What is found in

milk According to  Dr. Abrar Multani, protein, calcium and riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) are found in milk. It also contains phosphorus, magnesium, iodine and many minerals and fats and energy, including vitamins A, D, K and E. All these protect our body from many diseases.  

Benefits of Milk

  1. Consuming milk strengthens bones
  2. Calcium, sodium and potassium found in milk bring energy and freshness to the body.
  3. Fat and proteins present in milk activate male hormones. Fertility increases.
  4. what is found in cloves
  5. Calcium present in milk prevents stroke. 
  6. Minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium present in milk keep blood pressure under control.
  7. Milk contains sesin and whey proteins, which make muscles strong. 
  8. A glass of milk contains 37 percent calcium of men's daily requirement. 

What is found in cloves?

According to Dr Abrar Multani, cloves contain vitamins and other minerals. Zinc, copper, magnesium are found in sufficient quantity in these, which are very beneficial for the body. Apart from this, protein, iron, carbohydrates, calcium and sodium acid are found in abundance in cloves.

benefits of cloves

  1. Clove kills stomach worms.
  2. Clove keeps consciousness power normal.
  3. Benefits of consuming clove and milk together
  4. Consuming clove removes body odor
  5. The urinary tract remains fine by consuming cloves.
  6. Clove helps to remove harmful things from the body through urine
  7. Consuming clove increases appetite.
  8. The problem of acidity, constipation, gas ends. 

Men should drink clove milk
like this, according to doctor Abrar Multani, you can drink 3 cloves mixed with milk before sleeping at night. You can also add clove powder. If you do not like the taste of this milk, then you should chew cloves first and then consume milk. Consuming milk and cloves together helps in increasing the potency. If clove is consumed regularly and regularly, it relieves men from problems like premature ejaculation.

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