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Saturday, June 19, 2021

If you want to keep the lungs healthy, do not consume these 5 things, otherwise the risk may increase

New Delhi: Taking care of health has become very important in the Corona era. Especially it is important for the lungs to be healthy, because the corona virus is first targeting the lungs. People have trouble breathing due to the narrowing of the lungs. Our lungs play an important role in breathing. Lungs work to filter oxygen, only after being filtered from the lungs, oxygen reaches the whole body. 

Diet expert Dr Ranjana Singh says that a healthy diet is necessary to keep the lungs healthy. Although there are some such things, they make the lungs weak, you should distance yourself from them as soon as possible. Apart from smoking and tobacco, your lungs can also be damaged due to processed meat, sugary drinks and drinking too much alcohol. So do not consume them.

keep distance from these things

1. Salt

Diet Expert According to Dr. Ranjana Singh, salt is considered essential for health, but in a limited amount. Consuming too much salt can aggravate lung problems. Therefore, to keep the lungs healthy, consume less salt.

2. Do not consume

sugary drinks Sugary drinks are harmful for the lungs, because, there is a possibility of bronchitis in adults. In such a situation, the consumption of sugary drinks should be avoided. Instead you should drink more water.

3. distance from processed meat

Keep Pressed meat is not considered good for the lungs at all, because, to preserve it, an element called nitrite is added, which causes inflammation and stress in the lungs. In such a situation, eating processed meats such as bacon, ham, deli meat and sausages etc. should be avoided.

4. Consume Dairy Products in Limit

Although dairy products like milk, curd and cheese are very beneficial for health, but when you start consuming them in excess, they become harmful for the lungs. So do not consume more dairy products

5. Consumption of excess alcohol is harmful to the

diet Expert Dr. Ranjana Singh believes that alcohol is harmful to the lungs. The sulfites present in it can aggravate the symptoms of asthma. Alcohol also contains ethanol, which can damage the lungs. In such a situation, you should avoid the consumption of excessive alcohol. 

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