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Monday, June 28, 2021

Know why we walk in sleep, what can be its biggest loss? be careful immediately

Sleep Walking Disorders: There are many people who have sleepwalking disorders. 
He keeps on sleeping and suddenly wakes up and starts walking, during which he does not even know where he is going? Many times due to this people become victims of some major accidents. If you also have a sleep disorder, then this article of ours is of great use to you.

Why does sleepwalking happen?

Have you ever wondered or tried to know why this happens? Actually, people who have a habit of walking in sleep. If you ask them about the incident of the night when they wake up in the morning, they do not remember anything. Explain that there are two types of chemicals in the brain. In this, one is formed while sleeping and the other while getting up. When the balance of these two chemicals is created, then only we get sleep.

If any one of these two chemicals gets disturbed then people start walking in sleep. At this time his body becomes active but he still remains in sleep. Most people walk in deep sleep 'non rapid eye movement'. It is not related to our memory. That is why a sleepy person does not remember anything when he wakes up in the morning.

heavy losses may occur

If a person walks in his sleep, do not wake him up. If you shake him to wake him up, he may become aggressive. Apart from this, he can also beat, because then he is in deep sleep. At this moment he will feel that someone is attacking him. Doctors say that the treatment of this disease is completely possible. Many times a sleeping person becomes a victim of an accident.

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