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Monday, June 28, 2021

Be careful: This nose disease can be the cause of itching in the ears!

The eyes, ears, nose are the most sensitive organs on the face. All those veins are connected to each other. Problems in one limb cause the other limb to react. The nose and ears are so connected to each other that if there is a problem in one, the effect is immediately seen in the other. Speaking of ears, some people have constant itching in the ears. They are constantly using earbuds. Which is not a cure for this problem at all. At the same time, this method often proves to be harmful. Let's find out what causes ear itching and what can be done to eliminate it.

Bacterial infections

- Bacterial infections can occur in the ear for many reasons. The use of eaterbuds made from infected rooms may also be a factor.

- A bacterial infection in the throat or nose can also spread the infection to your ears.

- Bacterial infections can also be caused by water getting into the ears while bathing and not paying attention to ear cleaning.

Fungal infections

- The biggest cause of fungal infections in the ears is constant dandruff in your head. Yes, you read that right. Dandruff in the head can cause itching in the ears. It is important that you take good care of your scalp.

- One of the causes of fungal infections in the ears may be not paying attention to ear hygiene. So clean the ears thoroughly while bathing and also clean the ears with a handkerchief after bathing.

The diaphragm is oblique

Some people also have itching in the ears due to the obliqueness of the inner muscles of their nose. This is because if the cartilage on the inside of the nose is transverse, the phlegm starts to accumulate in the throat during sleep. When this process continues for many years, a fungal infection develops on the inner surface and the infection causes itching in the ear.

What is the treatment for ear itching?

- Treatment of ear itching depends on the cause of the itching in your ear. Each patient's position is different, in which the doctor can tell about the treatment only after examining the patient.

- The problem can be got rid of by eliminating the causes of fungal and bacterial infections. Be aware that overuse of earbuds can damage your ears.

- It can reduce your hearing or widen the outer phase of your ear. This increases the risk of infection.

- But people who have nasal congestion can be treated in two ways. Some people can only be cured with medication, while some people require minor surgery.

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