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Saturday, June 26, 2021

If you want to keep the kidney healthy, then leave these dirty habits today

There are two kidney shaped kidney in our body. 
Even if one fails, a normal life can be lived with the help of the other. Kidney failure can happen at any age. Let us tell you that kidney is very important for our body. Kidney performs many important functions of the body but some of our wrong habits damage the kidney. Many problems have to be faced due to kidney failure. So it is very important that you change your habits. Let's know about these bad habits..... 

Holding urine : 

If you keep urine on hold, then leave this habit. Due to this habit of yours, there may be kidney failure or there may be a problem of having stones in the kidney. 

Drink less water: 

Drink  one and a half to two liters or three to four large glasses of water per day. If you reduce the intake of water throughout the day, then you may have to face many problems. In such a situation, instead of being filtered out, harmful toxins start accumulating in the body, due to which the kidney can also spread.

Consuming more salt: 

Some people consume excessive amount of salt, which directly affects the kidney. Due to the high amount of sodium in the body, the blood pressure increases, which puts stress on the kidneys.

Eating more sweets 

By consuming more sweets, protein starts coming out of the urine, due to which the kidneys start getting damaged. 

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