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Saturday, June 5, 2021

General Knowledge: Why is the color of school bus always yellow all over the world?

General Knowledge Questions: Colors have great importance in our life. 
Many colors are also used to represent a particular thing. For example, the meaning of red color in common life we ​​put in danger. Similarly, white color is considered a symbol of peace. But have you ever wondered why school buses are always yellow in colour? Not only in India but also in foreign countries, the color of school buses is yellow. Whereas this color could be anything blue, black, red, pink. (Why School Buses always yellow in colour)

Let us try to solve this first. Talking about colors, red color has the highest wavelength. Which is about 650 nm (nanometer). There is very little element of white color in it. That's why this color is used for danger because it can be seen from a distance. In the case of wavelength, the yellow color comes at number two. For the first time in 1930, the color of the school bus in America was kept yellow.

Then why is the color of the school bus not red?

The red color has already been used for danger marks. In such a situation, the use of this color in the vehicle used to transport innocent school children is not appropriate. Therefore, the second color yellow was used for school buses.

Succeeded even in rain-fog

Apart from this, there is another reason to keep the color of buses yellow. The yellow color can be seen from a distance even in the event of heavy rain, dense fog and dew. In such a situation, the color of buses is kept yellow to keep the children safe. The peripheral vision of yellow is 1.24 times better than that of red. That's why yellow is seen more than red. Even if a person is not looking directly, he will know that the school bus is coming. This reduces the chances of accident of school buses on the highway.

Supreme Court order

The Supreme Court has also given many instructions regarding school buses so that school children can be safe. Out of this, it is mandatory to keep the color of school buses yellow. Apart from this, 'School Bus' should be clearly written on the front and back of the school bus. The name and phone number of the school should be written on the bus. Speed ​​governors should be installed in the bus so that it cannot run more than 40 km per hour.

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