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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Do not use mobile phone even by mistake while sitting on commode, blood can come out from private part

Smart Phone in Toilet: People used to sit in the bathroom of Western civilization early in the morning and appeared in films reading newspapers. 
Now common people have also made it a part of their life. Ever since the mobile has come, people have started surfing or chatting by sitting in the bathroom. In this affair, people remain sitting in the commode for a long time.

In this run-of-the-mill life, the lack of time is so much with people that people do such work in a ignorant manner. However, it can result in life-long suffering. Ever since people have started using western toilets instead of country toilets, their habits are becoming even more dirty.

57 percent people get piles by sitting in the bathroom and running the phone

If you also do this then you need to be careful immediately. This habit can cause great harm to your health. In recent years, it has come to the fore that people are getting piles disease due to using mobiles while sitting in the bathroom. Whereas earlier those people used to complain of piles, who used wrong food or wrong method of defecation.

According to a report, in today's 57 percent of the victims of piles, this problem is happening due to running mobile while sitting in the bathroom. Not only piles, but also many other health-related problems are also occurring among people operating mobiles while sitting on the commode. Doctors say that using mobile while sitting on commode is making all of us seriously ill.

Due to mobile people sit for long time till on commode

Doctors say that many times people sit on the commode for a long time due to mobile. Because of this, the risk of piles or hemorrhoids increases in them. Due to which blood starts coming from his private part. The longer you use the mobile phone while sitting in the bathroom, the more it will strain the muscles of your anus and lower rectum. Due to which the risk of piles increases. 

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