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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Dangerous effects of smartphone on men sexual health, never keep your smartphone at these place

Smartphone has become a very important part of our life. 
It is through smartphones that the level of our lifestyle, intelligence and thinking has started being determined. But smartphone is very dangerous for our health 
(Smartphone Side Effects) . This can cause problems with poor eyesight and poor posture. But the way you hold a smartphone can also affect your health. For the sexual health of men, it is nothing less than a catastrophe.

Expert Advice: Harmful Effects of Smartphone:
Famous lifestyle expert Dr. H.K. Kharbanda says that nowadays we are addicted to smartphones. Because of which we keep checking our smartphone every minute. Several studies electromagnetic radiation emanating from the smartphone that it is proven (Electro Magnetic Radiation) is harmful to our health.

1. Side Effects in Men:
Dr. H.K. Kharbanda says that especially men should not keep a smartphone in the front pocket of pants or jeans. Due to this their sperm count and sperm quality drop drastically. Which can cause infertility in men by spoiling the sexual health of any man.

2. Pocket Back
of Pants or Jeans According to experts, keeping a smartphone in the back pocket of pants or jeans can cause you a problem of sciatica nerve pain. Which can affect from the lower waist to the hips and one or both legs. Due to this you have a lot of pain in sitting or walking. Apart from this, by keeping the phone here, there is a danger of it falling or breaking somewhere.

3. Shirt pocket (Smartphone effect on heart)
Dr. Kharbanda says that some people keep their smartphone in their shirt pocket. The harmful electromagnetic radiation emanating from the phone by keeping it in this place can make your heart weak. Especially high blood pressure patients, diabetics and people above 40 years of age should not keep smartphones in their shirt pockets.

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