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Sunday, June 27, 2021

If you also have swelling in your feet, then know the reason and treatment

Due to neglect of health, sometimes swelling occurs in the whole body or in a particular part, especially swelling in the feet is a common problem. 
Which can make it difficult for you to walk or stand. Along with the swelling, you may also feel pain in the feet. Which makes this problem more serious. If your feet are swollen, then understand that there is definitely some problem in your body. This problem can also be related to your heart. Here we will know about some of the main causes of swollen feet. 


Normally, the force of gravity pulls the fluid down the feet and ankles, causing swelling in the feet. However, severe conditions of the kidneys, heart, liver or blood vessels can also cause swelling.

Even though swollen feet are mainly caused by excessive fluid in the feet, there can be many other symptoms as well. Such symptoms include a feeling of numbness, tenderness, redness, warmth, tingling, stiffness or a 'burning' sensation.

Your feet also swell due to increasing weight.

Excess intake of salt and carbohydrates can lead to neuromuscular stenosis and swelling of the limbs and this can also happen with diuretics and laxatives.

Taking hormone replacement therapy pills or birth control pills can also cause your feet to swell.

foot swelling treatment 

Foot Massage: If you have swollen feet. So massaging the feet also removes swelling. This improves blood circulation. Swollen parts. Massage the feet lightly with warm olive or mustard oil.

Swelling will be removed by ginger: If there is swelling in the feet, then take ginger and apply ginger paste on the affected area.

Coriander is beneficial: Coriander seeds remove swelling. Coriander seeds have such a power that they end swelling quickly. Put two to three spoons of coriander powder in a cup of water. Boil it till the water of the cup becomes half. Then drink this decoction slowly.

Do foot compress: The most effective treatment to remove swelling of the feet is compress. In this therapy, keep cold and hot water in separate tubs. First, keep your swollen feet in hot water for five minutes, then immediately put the feet in cold water for one minute. Repeat this process 15 to 20 times. This removes swelling of the feet.

do see a doctor

If the swelling has happened due to some common reasons, then it will be cured by following these measures. But if it has happened for any other reason then you also need to be alert. You have to consult a doctor.

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