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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Yellow fungus is usually found in snakes - Know its symptoms, causes and remedies

New Delhi. Corona does not know what plagues are coming with her. The whole country is yet to recover from the havoc of the second wave, that new diseases are bearing heads every day. First a case of yellow fungus, then white fungus and now yellow fungus has occurred in a 45-year-old patient in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. This fungus is being described as more contagious than the other two fungus. The patient is currently undergoing treatment at a private hospital in the city under the direction of Dr. Brij Pal Tyagi, a nose ear specialist.

Dr. Tyagi says that all three types of black, white and yellow fungus have been seen in the patient. He told that the sinus CT scan of this 45 year old patient was completely normal but when the endoscopy was done we came to know that all three types of fungus (black, white and yellow) were present in the patient. Yellow fungus is commonly found in snakes.

Yellow fungus infection is
believed to be due to lack of cleanliness and contaminated food and yellow fungus, as well as excessive use of steroids and anti-fungal drugs. Because of which people recovering from Kovid-19 are also taking this infection. What are the symptoms? In the beginning, the yellow fungus patient complains of excessive tiredness, loss of appetite or loss of weight and loss of weight. Later, the weight of the patients starts decreasing very rapidly and becomes fatal. In which there is a risk of bleeding and organ failure in the inner part of the body. 

What is the treatment so far

The anti-fungal drug, amphotericin-B is being used in the primary treatment of yellow fungus. This is the same injection that is being used to treat black and white in the country.

what is more dangerous than yellow fungus, black and white

In the case of black and white fungus, signs of swelling on the face, blackness or color over the nose, blurred vision or two, chest pain, shortness of breath, blood in the mucus and a sharp headache are visible. Is that in case of yellow fungus, infection starts to spread in the inner part of the patient. Therefore, patients are advised to start treatment with doctor's advice as soon as they feel hungry, body pain or tiredness or loss of weight.

On the other hand, Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that 5,424 cases of Mucaramicosis have been reported so far in 18 states and union territories. Many states and union territories have declared black fungus as an epidemic disease.

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