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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Yellow fungus is more dangerous than black and white, these symptoms appear on the inside of the body

Black fungus and white fungus have now raised concerns where people barely learned to cope with the Corona epidemic. 
The last few days have seen a surge in cases of black fungus. Both of these fungi are spread due to uncleanliness. So far, more than 8000 cases have been reported in India. Now the risk of one more fungus is imminent. After black and white fungus, now there is an increase in the number of cases of yellow fungus.

According to media reports, the first case of yellow fungus has been reported in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. While more details about the case have not yet been released, doctors say the yellow fungus could be even more dangerous than the black and white fungus.

According to the information received so far, experts say that yellow fungus is more dangerous than black and white fungus because it affects the internal organs of the body. Symptoms of black and white fungus are found on the outside of the body. When the yellow fungus starts from inside the body. Early symptoms include pus leaks, slow wound healing. Severe cases of yellow fungus include organ failure and acute necrosis (destruction of any bone or tissue in the body). It is important that patients consult a doctor as soon as possible even if they have normal symptoms.

What is the reason?

It is important to note here that most fungal infections are caused by a lack of hygiene. Poor hygiene, intake of contaminants including food or steroids, excessive use of antibacterial drugs or even lack of oxygen are the reasons for this. Patients who have other illnesses or are using immunosuppressive drugs have an increased risk of contracting the infection.

Symptoms known so far

Black and white fungal infections cause severe swelling and deterioration of the shape of the face. Yellow fungus can be said to be more lethal because it starts spreading from inside the body and different symptoms appear at the beginning. Here are some common symptoms of yellow fungus known so far:


Yellow fungal infections begin to spread to the inside of the body and affect vital organs, causing the body to seem to run out of energy. Feeling very drowsy and tired as a result.

Impaired digestion

Fungal infections affect digestion. Patients do not feel hungry and change their eating habits abruptly (eating more or less or not eating the required amount of nutritious food. Eating more fatty foods or wanting to eat more salt and sugar).

Weight Loss and Impact on Metabolism According to

preliminary data, people who suffer from this fungus may also experience metabolic changes. According to experts, abnormal weight loss requires medical examination. In particular, if the patient shows signs of a currently spreading fungal infection, he should be examined without delay.

Eyes deep down

Facial deformities are now a typical symptom of black fungus. According to experts, the yellow fungus causes the patient's eye to become red, deepen or slow down the healing process and eventually destroy the tissue. However, this condition is only seen in severe cases. In very severe cases, leaks appear.

What is the treatment?

Yellow or other fungal infections are not new or rare. Currently amphotericin B (antifungal drug) is the only treatment that can fight this infection.

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