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Monday, May 24, 2021

Unique village in India where Hindus or Muslims all speak Sanskrit

Every place present in the world has its own distinct feature. 
Due to this specialty, people also recognize that place. Matturu of Karnataka is one such village, which is famous all over the country, because every person living here talks in Sanskrit. Then whether they are Hindus or Muslims, all the people living in this village talk only in Sanskrit. An interesting thing is that in the villages around this place people speak Kannada language, but this is not the case in Mattur. The child here speaks in Sanskrit.

Mattur village is situated on the banks of the Tung River, which is located at a distance of 300 km from Bengaluru. According to one information, Sanskrit has been spoken in this village since ancient times. But over time people here too started speaking Kannada language, but the owner of Pejawar Math called for making it a Sanskrit-speaking village. After this, all people started talking among themselves in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit-speaking youth of this village are working in big companies. Some are software engineers, while some are teaching in big educational institutions and universities. This village has become so famous that many people from abroad also come here to learn Sanskrit. People's special attachment to Sanskrit language can be seen anywhere in Mattur, because Sanskrit has also been used on the signboard in the street.

The specialty of this village is that Sanskrit is considered the mother tongue of the village. Regardless of the work the villagers do, they speak only Sanskrit. Often the people who come here are amazed to see all this. This is the reason that these villages remain the subject of discussion among the people in the days to come. On the one hand, while it is very difficult for some people to understand Sanskrit, this village has shown that if there is a desire to learn something in a human being, then no work is difficult.

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