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Monday, May 24, 2021

This is world most expensive tea leaf, you will be shocked to know the price

World Most Expensive Tea Leaf: Millions of people around the world begin their day with a cup of tea. 
If a guest comes to the house or suffers a headache from work overlord, then tea is also useful. Tea is a beverage that is liked by every mango and special. Although there are many ways in this world, there are many ways and flavor tea exists, but do you know about the most expensive tea leaf in the world? If not, today we tell you about it.

In this way, tea is available in our shops for 10 to 20 rupees glass / cup, while if we go to a big hotel, you will get a cup of tea for 1000 rupees, but do you know that there is a tea in the world whose The price has also failed the gold. We are talking about Da Hong Pao Tea, this special tea is found only in China, which is not a matter of everyone to buy and drink.

This is very beneficial in terms of health

This tea leaf is found only in the Wuisen area of ​​Fujian, China. This tea leaf is considered very beneficial in terms of health. It is claimed that many serious diseases are cured by drinking this tea. For your information, let us know that the price of this tea leaf is 9 crores per kg (per kg).

According to a BBC report in China in 2002, a rich man bought 20 grams da hong pao tea, for which he paid 1.80 lakh yuan. If you look at India, then in today's time this price will be 20.43 lakh rupees. For this reason, this tea became more expensive than gold. One of the reasons for it being expensive is that its leaves are produced in very small quantities. In this case, its original leaves are very expensive.

This tea leaf found in China is called Jeevanadayani. Once during the reign of Meung, the health of the Empress once became very bad. After which the doctors gave him Da Hong Pao Ti Pilai. On this, the tea cured the empress by showing a wonderful performance. One reason for it being expensive is that Hong Pao plant is very rare. It cannot be grown everywhere, because it takes a lot of hard work to maintain it.

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