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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

This is unique creature of the world, which does not need water to be alive

This world created by nature is quite strange. 
There are some creatures present here, whose lives are stunned. In this episode, today we are going to tell you about such an organism, which can remain alive even without drinking water throughout its life. Apart from this, you can live for many years without eating anything!

Yes, the creature we are talking about is named 'Kangaroo Rat', these creatures are found in the deserts of North America. Its legs and tail resemble the kangaroo found in Australia. With this, this creature like a kangaroo is adept at killing long and long deceptions. Can easily jump and cross cactus plants that grow in the desert.

This is how water shortages are fulfilled

The cheeks of this creature are bags on the outside, in which it brings its food items. Then collects it in its bills. For your information, let us know that this organism can spend its life without drinking water. Now you must be raising this question in your mind that how can any living organism survive without drinking water.

As we all know that in the desert, only those animals and plants which survive need less water. In such a situation, this rat needs little or no water. It fulfills its water needs by eating the roots of trees and plants that grow in the desert. There is definitely some moisture in the roots of the plants.

With this, the kidney of an organism is so strong and well-functioning that it fulfills the water needs of the body only with this moisture. This moisture of water is enough to keep it alive. But due to the high amount of water in its body, other animals eat it. It can run very fast.

It has a tail of 20 cm and the body is almost 38 cm in length. Its front legs are small, the head is large and the eyes are small. It crosses a distance of 06 meters in a second. It shows great speed while running to avoid its enemies. Uses the long tail to apply and change direction in the wind. Kangaroo Rats go on hitting the traps and their flicks are so perfect that they even make big jumps.

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