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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

After all, what does Indian Railways do to the old coaches of the train, knowing the truth you will be shocked

There is no doubt that Indian Railways is the lifeline of our country. 
Crores of people avail the services of Indian Railways every day and reach their destination on time. The Indian Railways is becoming more hi-tech and convenient with the passage of time in view of the facilities of the passengers. In this sequence, work is going on fast on luxury train, high speed train and semi high speed train projects. Along with this, Indian Railways is also making many changes in its ordinary trains. Indian Railways is fast replacing old coaches of mail and express trains with new coaches. These new coaches being installed in trains are providing passengers with better experience as well as better travel.

Indian Railways is paying a lot of attention to changing the condition of the railways. At
present, ordinary ICF coaches are being converted into LHB coaches. Apart from this, ICF coaches are also being revised afresh. In the last few years, Indian Railways has replaced all ICF coaches of many trains with LHB coaches and this work is going on at a rapid pace. Along with this, many types of change are also being done in high speed trains and the necessary facilities are being expanded to give better experience to the passengers. Not only this, Indian Railways is also giving a new look to its railway stations. In the last few years, many railway stations of the country have also been beautified with world-class facilities. After which, now his picture has completely changed.

What does Indian Railways do to the old coaches of the railways,
this is a big question and many people keep asking that what does Indian Railways do to its old coaches. First of all, let us tell you that the age of a passenger coach of Indian Railways is around 30 years. That is, a train compartment provides services for at least 30 years. However, at times it can be used for even longer. After giving full services, the life of these coaches ends. In such a situation, instead of dumping these coaches, Indian Railways uses it afresh.

Camp coach designed for railway employees

Indian Railways modifies the body of its old coaches and then uses it in different trains after making it a brand new coach. In addition, old coaches are also used as temporary homes for railway employees. Temporary houses built for employees in the old coach are called Camp Coach. Not only this, considering the current time of Kovid-19, Indian Railways is also using these old coaches as isolation coaches for coronavirus patients.

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